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Writing by the Water

Daily living is deeply intertwined with educating your children at home. Therefore, daily life impacts homeschooling as much as homeschooling impacts our daily lives. Living out the ups and downs of this adventure myself, I can attest to the fact that homeschool families experience the roller coaster of emotions that go along with it, from joy, relief, and a sense of accomplishment to worry, weariness, and self-doubt.

Do you need encouragement? Do you need help developing strategies to difficulties you or your child is facing? Do you need advice and resources beneficial for planning your child's education or creating documentation?

We provide easily accessible resources and compassion-filled encouragement. We also help you develop personalized solutions that fit your needs, your values, and your family dynamics.

-Read our encouraging blog posts.​

-Locate conventions near you.

-Discover resources for scholarships, colleges, special needs, and more.

-Obtain a copy of the Inspirational Homeschooling book.

-Schedule a FREE personalized homeschool consultation that is filled with encouragement and compassion. We can help you with transcripts, resumes, special needs guidance, or any questions that arise on your homeschool adventure!

(Since I occasionally refer to the Inspirational Homeschooling book for encouragement, documents, solutions, and how we can seek wisdom in scripture, you will find it beneficial to order this book prior to your scheduled consultation, though it is not required.)

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Hebrews 11:8 reminds us of Abraham going by obedience, not knowing what he would face as he journeyed ahead.

When I started homeschooling fourteen years ago, I had no idea what challenges we would face. Yet, I felt a deep conviction to answer God's call. 

Today I am grateful that God has allowed me to undertake training through my experiences. It has been a privilege to be refined through homeschooling multiple children, a special needs child, and high school students while dealing with chronic illness, caring for a parent, and working. I am truly grateful to be able to answer the call on my heart to go beyond what I have known to minister to homeschool families. As a homeschool advocate, speaker, and author, I compassionately share what I have learned to encourage, nurture, and guide the success of others. 

I am confident that God has a plan in calling you to homeschool your children. It truly is an honor to walk alongside you in preparing the next generation to use their compassion, God-given gifts, and sharpened skills to serve others in the name of Jesus!