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A Heartfelt Mission

Approaching our fifth wedding anniversary, we were washed with grief over losing a child through miscarriage. In time, we learned I was expecting again. During the third visit to my obstetrician, however, I received heartbreaking news: our special needs child had a two percent chance of survival.

Prayer never ceased even as we rounded thirty weeks of pregnancy. At this point, concerns multiplied, not just for our child, but now too for my husband who anticipated heart surgery. My husband's surgery was seemingly successful, however, his recovery plans were drastically altered when my obstetrician ordered me to immediate bed rest and regular monitoring of our unborn child. The next few weeks our worries compounded. Realizing my husband’s heart was compressing into ever slower beats, his cardiologist ordered a visit to the emergency room which resulted in an emergency heart surgery.

All this time I held steadfast to prayer, feeling God’s assurance of sustained life. But, now with an unstable pregnancy and my husbands life holding in the balance, doubt entered my mind. Did I misunderstand God? Did I hear Him wrong? My mind ventured down a path of fear, facing the reality that I might go home without a husband to hug or a daughter to hold. Drowning in helplessness, I incessantly implored for God’s mercy and grace.

During my husband’s second heart surgery, labor pains surged my body (36 weeks gestation). By God’s grace, my husband’s surgery was successful and within twenty-four hours our daughter was born…alive! As my fingers stroked her red hair, tears trickled down my face. Given her delicate condition, she was whisked from my arms and rushed via ambulance for a life-saving heart surgery. Suffocating from grief, a sudden warmth wrapped around me, emitting an indescribable peace. I heard a distinct voice, “Have you not listened? Everything will be okay. I am with you.”

Hours grew into days and my daughter began to recover. As weeks and months passed, I continued to feel God’s presence and strength. Eventually, we brought our little girl home…together!

While health-related worries still encompass our lives, I am thankful for the compounding moments of experiential growth. Each day Psalm 90:12 echoes in my mind “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I thank God for the gift of eternal life in Jesus and continually seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance on how best to steward my time here on earth. I have resolved to live a life of service at the feet of Jesus, never settling for idleness until I am at eternal rest.

Philippians 2:1-11 reminds us to love one another in all we do, taking on the very nature of a servant. My heart is to share valuable lessons I have learned as a parent and homeschooler to help others. I carry out this mission by caring for my family, educating and discipling my children at home, and serving the homeschool community. I offer encouragement and advice through my articles and books, and bring stories, encouragement, and resources to homeschool families by interviewing homeschool students and those who serve the homeschool community. These interviews are aired on the radio in the Colorado Springs area and live at Past interviews are available on PowerTalk1040 on Podbean and YouTube. Over the years, I have spoken at several venues: a ladies' conference at Grace Community Church, and several homeschool venues, including many homeschool conferences. I have also consulted with thousands of homeschool families over the years.

With all of my heart, I thank you for visiting this space, reading my story, and supporting the mission behind Inspirational Homeschooling.

-Yvonne Strachan

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Giving Back

Most of my work is done without monetary compensation. (You may have noticed a lack of sponsorship and ads on this website.) However, the fulfillment that comes with serving fills my heart beyond any measure imaginable. 

When my work does bring a little income, I am happy to partner with my husband in donating to charities near and dear to our hearts. 

*Since the Ronald McDonald House Charities provided a home for us so we could be close to our daughter and since the Children's Hospital played a vital part in my daughter's survival, I am thankful to be able to give back to them with part of the profits from my book sales.

*Since my husband is a retired first responder, having had to say goodbye too soon to friends who gave their all in the line of duty, we are thankful to support NLEOMF

*Our church and CBN fulfill important missions in spreading the Gospel and caring for others in Jesus' name. We are thankful to join hands with thousands of others in support of these organizations. 

Mission: About Me
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The Christian Homeschooling Guide to Balancing Academics and Family Life

Inspirational Homeschooling addresses the management of daily life and your home along with homeschooling your children. It walks through Bible study, personal stories, and practical strategies as it discusses maintaining a great marriage, appropriate discipline, and nurturing your own soul. The homeschooling advice includes how you can help a child with learning difficulties, how to smooth out the rough edges homeschooling can have, and how you can better manage daily life such as chores, meals, and other responsibilities. Later chapters include valuable advice and resources for testing, college entrance exams, and college preparation, equipping you to homeschool all the way through high school. The sample documents for grading, transcripts, and resumes are immensely valuable. No matter the challenges you face along the way, you will feel confident and encouraged every year!

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