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Three Ways to Achieve a Smoother Homeschool Experience

We all know that homeschooling takes time, effort, and perseverance, but what if I told you that these three important stress-reducing tactics will pave the way to a more restful and joy-filled homeschool year.

1. Reduce Commitments

Since priorities and goals shift depending on your family’s changing needs, it is important to review current commitments and rising opportunities often. Be careful not to schedule activities that cause your family to be separated, feel rushed, or obtain unhealthy food on the run. Weigh the benefits and reasons for each commitment and be willing to drop the least beneficial ones. Avoid temptations to over-commit and don’t stack commitments back-to-back. Reducing the number of elements in your schedule will make your daily plans flexible enough to allow for interruptions. Make it your main objective to find balance.

2. Establish a Routine

A good routine outlines expectations, minimizes confusion, and reduces conflict. Practice new routines for three to four weeks and limit exceptions to help your child become more independent and focused. Rest assured, in time, the need to constantly remind your child what to do will diminish and you will feel more relaxed as you witness your child thrive with the comfort and security of an established routine.

3. Allow Time to Acclimate

Everyone needs time to adjust to new surroundings, commitments, responsibilities, and changing dynamics. Keeping in mind the time it takes for us adults to learn a new job and become efficient, you can relate to your child’s need to acclimate after an extended break from studies. This acclimation process is magnified when your family is brand-new to homeschooling, you are implementing a new teaching method, or your child is learning with new curriculum.

Limit anxiety by reassuring your child that needing time to grow accustomed to new routines is normal. Rather than questioning your child’s abilities, patiently assist your child with his studies. Pinpoint areas that are tough for him to manage with the goal of helping him develop solutions. Be on the lookout for moments when he becomes overwhelmed and be willing to adjust or cut elements out of his routine. While working with your child, you will discover new and effective ways in which you can help your child learn, manage time, and develop virtuous characteristics. Relax knowing that, as your child becomes acclimated to this new school year, he will become more efficient in carrying out his daily schedule. The added benefit is that as you work together, you will be nurturing that special bond between you.

In Conclusion

Now that you are armed with these stress-reducing tactics, begin your year with the assurance that, with a little patience and ingenuity, you will enjoy a smoother homeschool experience.

-Yvonne Strachan

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