Power Point Presentations

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Ascend to New Heights on Your Homeschool Journey

Benefit from practical strategies on meal planning, home maintenance, scheduling, and organization designed to help you chart an achievable course that will keep you soaring throughout the year.

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Identifying and Adapting to the Challenges of Homeschooling

As you pour yourself into discipling and educating your children, gain confidence in your ability to 

  • Teach multiple children

  • Accommodate your child's unique learning style  

  • Identify your child's changing needs

  • Inspire and encourage a child facing learning difficulties

  • Help advanced learners identify and cultivate their gifts 

  • Teach high school 

Identifying and Adapting to the Challeng


RECALCULATING: When Homeschool Plans Change Course

Discover solutions for maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance when plans take a detour.  As you navigate your homeschool journey, you will realize that God's plans for you and your children are bigger than anything you could imagine!

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