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After rising from the ashes of a tough childhood, Yvonne Strachan knows how important it is to rely on God and His word in the Bible for strength and guidance. Her parenting journey is a continued testimony to God's mercy and grace. For her, the Bible has proven to be the most central and essential aspect of homeschooling multiple children at once, including a special needs child and high school students, while dealing with chronic illness and working. Yvonne continually sows seeds of inspiration through stories, shared lessons, encouraging words, and Bible studies that she compiled into a series of motivational presentations. Delight in the adventure of faithful discipleship while raising and educating your kids at home!

Homeschool With Confidence

Even before our children are born, we can feel inferior, rotating through the cycle of comparison, fear, and guilt. It is time to break free from this cycle and equip ourselves with biblical principles. Prepare to win every battle against whispers from the enemy so you can raise and educate your children with confidence!

Cultivating Your Child’s Unique Gifts

1 Corinthians 12 reminds us that every person’s gift is indispensable. And as a homeschool parent, you can play the role of Sherlock Holmes well, uncovering the valuable clues that unlock your child’s potential. But what next? Discover how you can help your child sharpen those skills, prepare for his future, and use his God-given gifts to serve others well throughout his life.

Redefining Disabled as God-is-able!

As you explore ways to support and help your child, you will grow, learn, and treasure the beautifully unique opportunities to learn together at home with your whole family!

Revolutionize Teaching Your Contradictory Child

What can you do if your brain flows like an artist’s, yet your child’s brain is wired like a physicist’s? When your child operates through different thought processes, opposite ideas, and contrasting actions, you can learn how to appreciate and acknowledge his unique perspectives with understanding (and humor) as you orchestrate his learning and help him focus on sharpening his unconventional God-given gifts to serve God well (without butting heads)!

Homeschool Parent Support System

Though a homeschool parent’s kingdom-building work is significantly rewarding, we can’t overlook the complex calculations and careful calibrations that go into it. After all, the multifaceted mechanisms that fit together in a parent's homeschool day greatly outnumber the gears in Jens Olsen’s World Clock! Let’s talk about setting boundaries, communicating your needs as a homeschool parent, and ways you can support other homeschool parents.

Homeschool in Colorado

Learn about legal requirements, different options, and resources available to Colorado homeschooling families. Be equipped to start your homeschool journey with confidence.

Yvonne Strachan

Since 2009, Yvonne Strachan has had the privilege of being refined through homeschooling multiple children, a special needs child, and high school students while dealing with chronic illness and working. She started her adventure by attaining a degree in interior design where she sharpened her artistic skills. After marrying her best friend, they ran a small mural business together where they were commissioned for their joint skills to paint churches, businesses, and homes. As she became a parent, she applied her artistic talent by teaching art classes at a Christian school and a homeschool art co-op that she ran for nearly a decade. Now she serves the homeschool community as a consultant, radio show host, blogger, speaker, author, and the founder of As a co-founder of the homeschool group, Christian Homeschool Connect, she manages media, website design, and marketing while also organizing speakers, activities, and classes. Her dearest missions include growing in Christ while walking alongside her husband of twenty-seven years, ministering to their children, and encouraging parents to answer God's call to discipleship while raising and educating their children at home. 

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Redefining Disabled as God is Able!

Redefining Disabled as God is Able!

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