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A Homeschool Prayer

Father, thank you for the family you have provided me, for you have woven our stories together with intent. Help me always remember to put you first in my life and lead my children to do the same.

As you reveal yourself to us through your creation and your word, help us study all you reveal with insatiable minds, seeking wisdom with grateful hearts that allow us to know you and your plans for our lives. Please help us use our knowledge and experiences to do your good work here on Earth. Help my children develop a will to fulfill any calling you ask of them and gain the necessary understanding, knowledge, and compassion to satisfy your mission.

Please help me see each of my children the way you see them. Fill me with wisdom, patience, enthusiasm, strength, courage, and positivity at each precise moment of need. Help me think creatively when I am teaching concepts that are difficult.

I pray for all the people who aid me and support me as I invest in my children's future through homeschooling. I pray for those who travel alongside me in friendship and for my spouse as he walks with me on this path through life.

May I find strength in you.

Bless my home and guide me through my homeschooling efforts.

Let your will be done in and through each of our lives.

May all we say and do glorify you.

In Jesus name,


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