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A Mom's Heart

As women, it is possible to feel inadequate and imperfect when comparing ourselves to each individual passage in Proverbs 31.

However, if we view Proverbs 31 as an examination of one’s heart rather than an evaluation of one’s daily actions, we can recognize that it is describing a woman who loves God, her husband, and her children. This woman is faithful, wise, self-disciplined, and generous. She also exhibits good work ethic. If you focus on these principles in Proverbs 31, you can see how timeless and relevant they are, even today.

As moms, we minister to our families as we serve them through maintaining our homes, tending to our children’s hearts, building our children’s faith, and instilling virtuous qualities. This care, love, and time that you pour into your children mean more than you will ever know. You are more than enough!

-Yvonne Strachan

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