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Capturing a Year of Memories

Do you remember your child eating broccoli at a family gathering? What about the time your child built his first spaceship out of Legos? We witness a million events each year, but as time elapses, some memories fade away. Here are some ideas to help you capture countless memories from various family member’s points of view, savoring them for years to come.

1. Create a Picture Calendar

Whether created by hand or via a printing company like Snapfish, Vistaprint, or Shutterfly, select pictures from this year and layout themes for each month on next year’s calendar.

2. Create a Yearbook

Design pages for each month, season, or holiday, highlighting the events of the year. Add décor and captions to the pages for pleasurable viewing that refreshes your memories for years to come.

3. Record an Interview

Nothing is more memorable than a chat with someone you love. Record an interview with your child and you will gain insight into their thoughts and life while capturing their mannerisms, their youth, and their character on film. Here is a list of questions you can ask your child.

4. Conduct a Survey

Give each family member a survey to complete. Preserve their completed surveys in sheet protectors and secure them inside a 3-ring binder. Label and decorate tabs that classify each year. As you accumulate several years of surveys, it will be interesting to review them and see how each family member has grown and how his interests have changed.

5. Fill a Time Capsule

Fill a recipe box, tin coffee can, or other small container with the following items:

· A family picture

· Information about each family member (You can use the survey from above.)

· Descriptions of special events

· Small mementos from special events

(Examples: a seashell from a visit to the beach or a rock from a special hike)

6. Create a Memory Jar for the Upcoming Year

Start accumulating the new year’s memories on January 1st by decorating a memory jar together. Encourage each member of your family to add to the jar by telling them that the most beautiful memories are those felt inside their hearts. Share some precious memories you have from this past year as an example of memories they can write on sticky notes to insert into the jar. Explain that these memories can detail little blessings, words of encouragement, and times of laughter. At the end of the year, read all those precious memories together over a cup of hot cocoa while gathered around your kitchen table. The noted memories from the memory jar can be added to a time capsule next year!

Start a family tradition of harnessing your family’s memories. I guarantee that the memory keepsakes you create together will become ever more precious as your children grow!

***You can request a free printable interview or survey document (shown above) by email***

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