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Since children are highly influenced by the worldviews, beliefs, and opinions of teachers, peers, and media, we must consider who is influencing our children.

As a homeschool parent, you are especially influential and instrumental in your child's faith and education. You can identify and address your child's worries, behaviors, and attitudes at a moment's notice. As you work through each day while applying biblical principles, you will nurture your child's gifts, knowledge, understanding, compassion, and love for God and others. You will witness your child gain confidence in his abilities to discern what is right and worthy of watching, listening to, reading, writing, saying, and doing. If your child embraces this wisdom, virtuous characteristics that you teach your child while spending time together will be understood and practiced throughout his life.

As God sustains you throughout your daily life, maintain a biblical point of view, thanking God for each opportunity to tend to your child's heart, whether your time is spent nurturing kindness, encouraging perseverance, or helping your child soak up knowledge. Rest assured that God will combine your child's God-given gifts, love, and compassion with his gained knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as he makes a physical and spiritual impact by serving others throughout his life.

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