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Charlotte Mason Approach to Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason Approach to Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason Approach to Homeschooling: Studying through living books, nature, and life.

Living books are books that you would pick up for enjoyment.  For each person this is different.  Some people may like books on childhood stories, others may like problem solving thrillers, yet others may like books on health.  Incorporating living books into your curriculum would be simply choosing books that your children and you are interested in.  You can elect to spend a month studying one book or you can spend a year reading and learning from books by a specific author.  When one teaches through literature books, one will incorporate narration where the student summarizes back to the parent.  Typically, there is copy work, dictation, and nature walks incorporated into learning.   You can have your child write book reports, chapter reports, debate topics, or even illustrate a scene.  Living books can provide a good foundation for history, putting things chronologically into a story. 

The Charlotte Mason method encourages book and poetry study, picture study, music study, scripture memory, Bible study, nature study, art instruction, crafts, and habit training. 

What are some reasons a person may choose to use the Charlotte Mason Approach to Homeschooling?

  • It meshes well with other methods of homeschooling.

  • It encourages reading time with your children.

  • You can teach your whole family at the same time.

  • It can be adapted to values, religious or non-religious preferences, and interests.

If you like the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling, try Simply Charlotte Mason, Jelly Bean Jar Publications, Ambleside Online or check out books at your local library.

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