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Eclectic Approach to Homeschooling

Eclectic Approach to Homeschooling

The eclectic approach to homeschooling (sometimes referred to as relaxed homeschooling) uses a mix of curriculum options, resources, and teaching methods.

Keeping an objective in mind, the parent observes how their child learns best and chooses to use various types of teaching techniques (or aspects of various approaches, sometimes even blending them) as they teach each subject. Lesson plans are often pieced together from a variety of sources, typically redone and individualized for each child. For example, a parent may choose a specific math curriculum, but read living books for language arts and forest school for physical education. You may even research games that will help solidify concepts.

How to plan your eclectic homeschool schedule

Research homeschool laws for the state in which you reside. List subjects your child wants or needs to learn. Research resources and learning options(curriculum, online courses, games, books, stem toys, etc.). Keeping in mind your objectives and your child's learning style or preferences, list out the subjects and resources you chose. Fill in your weekly calendar with specific courses and commitments, leaving room for your child to delve deeper into topics or explore new interests.

Why might a parent choose the eclectic approach to homeschooling?

  • You can adjust the teaching methods to how your child learns best.

  • You can adjust your learning schedule to your lifestyle.

  • You can tailor learning for each subject or course topic

  • You can easily adapt your child's learning plan to challenge a gifted child, help a child who has special needs, or allow a child to follow specific interests

  • Allows for flexibility and change if something isn't working well

  • Breaks up monotony

If you like the eclectic approach to homeschooling, you create your own study plan from different education approaches and select different elements from various sources. There is no specific eclectic homeschool curriculum.

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