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Marital Maintenance

A husband and wife’s ability to work together in educating their children breathes new life into a valuable aspect of marriage: the nurturing and upbringing of children. As a husband and wife work together toward this common goal, their marriage is strengthened in turn.

We cannot deny, however, that homeschooling is hard work. And as a time- and energy-consuming task, the emotional, physical, and monetary investment can impact various aspects of marriage.

Since a husband and wife’s relationship is like the trunk of a tree, supporting the branches that are grown from it, it is essential for us homeschool parents to make time for marital maintenance. Instead of putting your relationship on hold to achieve your child’s educational goals, set your goals to revolve around your marriage. By taking time to maintain a marriage that is filled with faith, support for each other, teamwork, and togetherness, you set the stage for your child’s relationships with siblings, friends, and a potential future spouse. This foundation will, in turn, cultivate your child’s faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, and love (all mentioned in 2 Peter 1:5-7).

By maintaining your marriage throughout your homeschooling years, you get to share in the joy of witnessing your child’s faith grow while he discovers his God-given gifts and increases in knowledge. What joy it is to witness the impact your child’s life will have on this world through a life of faith-filled service!

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