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The Sky Doesn’t Limit Us!


Throughout history, we see the value of humankind and the impact of the important roles each individual plays in the lives of those around them. Each of us can steward our efforts in a purposeful way, knowing that we are entrusted with time, unique talent, and treasure to invest. As we seek to invest these assets, we can’t overlook our greatest asset for the future— the next generation.

As parents, we play crucial roles by observing what our children enjoy and have talents for. Keeping their passions and talents in mind, we can guide our children toward opportunities that will help them develop their talents into strengths. What an incredible opportunity we have to minister to our youth as we partner together with each other as parents, grandparents, neighbors, and community members!


Any parent with more than one child can attest that no two children are the same, even when they are being raised in the same household. In fact, all children display dramatically different interests and abilities, making them uniquely equipped.

As an experienced father, grandfather, and K-12 educator and administrator, I’ve had a longstanding interest in educational innovation. With decades of experience running K-12 schools, starting charter schools, and providing various education options throughout Colorado, it has been made clear to me that the best education is one tailored to the unique needs of each student.

My journey through the education industry, combined with my wife’s experience advocating for young people, has led to our awareness of the growing community of alternative educational methods across America, including homeschooling. Seeing that homeschool parents are immersed in their children’s interests as they plan out their educational course, we dreamed of delivering customizable, accessible education to ignite passion for learning in every student — one student at a time.

Over the years serving in the air force and being immersed in the STEM/Aerospace fields, I have been aware of the ever-growing opportunities our youth have in the industry. Upon further discussion with parents and students about education, my excitement has only grown for the ever-increasing amount of striking educational opportunities we can offer through an innovative program that would help children grow and realize possibilities they may have never thought possible. By creating the Falcon AeroLab program, we opened the gateway to unlimited potential for our youth.


Falcon AeroLab aims to provide insightful, hands-on ways to inspire youth and create an environment of innovation. Therefore, we give families and students of every background access to hands-on experiences in the highly desired STEM/Aerospace fields. Our Intro to Aerospace Studies course allows students to participate in activities such as designing, building, and flying drones and radio-controlled airplanes. Guest speakers include astronauts, pilots, engineers, aviation mechanics, and other industry experts who interact with students regularly. Students are offered opportunities to fly powered airplanes, gliders, and helicopters. They can experience the exhilaration of free fall in a vertical wind tunnel. They will also be able to participate in planned visits to top venues in STEM/Aerospace so they can “touch, taste, and feel” the content.

Falcon AeroLab’s Level Two programs give students opportunities to further engage with experts and professionals from STEM/Aerospace industries. Students can pursue credentials and gain proficiency in areas such as drone operations, cyber security, aircraft mechanics, aircraft pilot, AutoCad, and more. Falcon AeroLab also offers opportunities for competitive internships and apprenticeships.

Our goal is to help students become career, college, and community ready!


“My son enjoyed the conversation-style instruction from two pilots that had over 100 years of cumulative experience in various cockpits. As I asked about the topics discussed, he proceeded to explain the glider ratio used when landing a glider or plane that had lost all engine power. It was incredible to hear his explanation of this and other concepts I could have never taught in our homeschool setting! AeroLab offers real life experiences and question-based education that engages the student to think about aerospace concepts and more.”

-Falcon AeroLab parent

If you would like to learn more about Falcon AeroLab and the programs offered, please visit We would be honored to partner with you and your student as they pursue their interests.

Mark Hyatt served as a fighter pilot squadron commander in the Air Force. He also served as Vice Commandant at the USAF Academy and the director of their Center for Character and Leadership Development. With a passion for serving our youth, Mark served as the President of the largest charter school in Colorado, The Classical Academy, and Executive Director of the Charter School Institute in Denver. In addition, Mark was an advisor to the Secretary of Defense and the past two White House administrations on school choice, safety, social climate, and culture issues. Mark has testified at the Colorado Legislature to keep partial funding to public schools for homeschool students.

Mark’s journey through the education industry combined with his wife Debbie’s experience advocating for youth, brought them to the realization that children thrive when education is tailored to their needs and interests. Together, they founded Falcon AeroLab.

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