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Science in Homeschooling

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Do you want to help your child learn at a deeper level and become a good problem solver? Did you know that you can help your child gain these skills—and even raise their IQs—by teaching them principles of logic, having them test hypotheses, and challenging them to explain their own reasoning?

Science Olympiad has been challenging children to think deeper, solve problems, and communicate more effectively for almost forty years. Discover the value of incorporating science in homeschooling.

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad was created to give STEM students the same types of experiences sports athletes enjoy. Participating schools form teams of fifteen students and have a full competition season to work together to master events from diverse areas of STEM. Each season starts when the rules are released, (in September), and depending on the team’s achievements, can span through the national competition, which is typically held in May. During each season, twenty-three events are chosen, and each team member works with a partner to cover three to four events.

Along with being challenged to learn unique areas of science such as protein modeling, genetic engineering, and astronomy, team members also learn to work with others and be part of a team. They have deadlines, accountability, and learn communication skills. They also give presentations and deal with and overcome adversity when things don’t go well.

What is Homeschool Science Colorado?

Homeschool Science Colorado is a homeschooled Science Olympiad team based in El Paso County, Colorado. Over the past fifteen years, this organization has trained hundreds of students in various areas of science and engineering. Our alumni have won scholarships and attended some of the top institutions in the United States, including the Colorado School of Mines, the United States Air Force Academy, and Virginia Tech. The majority of our alumni work as doctors, nurses, engineers, and research scientists.

homeschool science Colorado wins

Homeschool Science Colorado Successes

The Science Olympiad Competition is quite challenging since we compete against public and charter schools. However, we have been one of the best teams in the state, consistently placing in the top two at the state tournament. A team must win the state tournament to go to the national tournament and our middle school team won the state title twice—in 2013 and 2021. Our high school team has now also won the state title twice—in 2021 and 2023. We are very excited to represent the state of Colorado and homeschoolers at the National Science Olympiad Tournament in May of 2023 at Wichita State University!

The key to our success is the high level of parental involvement and the creative dedication of our students. We certainly couldn’t achieve these victories without our parents’ support and encouragement and the dedication of our intelligent, passionate, and curious students who are willing to try and fail.

"Our alumni say that being part of Homeschool Science Colorado was the best and most rewarding activity they participated in during their homeschooling years."

Our team is a family affair with groups of siblings participating on the teams together. This creates a unique atmosphere where deeper friendships are forged. Oh, how it fills my heart when I see the support our students have for each other, not to mention watching siblings receive medals together!

Homeschool Science Colorado celebrates

Student Testimonials

“My time on the team will impact me for the rest of my life. Before I competed in Science Olympiad, I had no clue what I wanted to do as an adult. Science Olympiad allowed me to try out many different fields of science and is the main reason why I have chosen aerospace engineering as my career field.”

-Hudson Puhek

(Hudson has competed with the team during the 2017-2023 seasons and has served as team captain for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.)

“Science Olympiad has really taught me a lot about a variety of science-related topics, as well as important study habits, time management, how to work with a partner, and many other things that normal homeschool curriculums don’t include. I really feel prepared going into college because I now know how to study on my own and prepare for important tests—even without a set curriculum. Before SO, I would get really nervous and anxious before any kind of test, but after participating in Science Olympiad, I have taken so many timed tests that I feel confident going into any exam, even major standardized tests like the SAT and AP exams.”

-Juliana McIrvin

(Juliana competed with HSC during the 2019-2021 seasons and is currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in Robotics.)

Learn more about Science Olympiad or creating a homeschool team in your area by visiting

If you reside in Douglas or El Paso County in Colorado, we would love to have your students join our team! Please visit us at

Cindy Puhek

Cindy Puhek holds a master's degree in chemistry and has been involved in science education her entire adult life. She has been passionately serving as head coach of Homeschool Science Colorado for five years and considers it an honor to uphold the values, excellence, and devotion that the founder, Kelly Bell, invested into the organization. In addition to homeschooling six children and serving homeschool families through Homeschool Science Colorado, Cindy Puhek is a speaker and has written several published articles.

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