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Delight-Directed (Unschooling)

Delight-Directed (Unschooling) method

The delight-directed (unschooling) method does not use any set schedule, curriculum, or assessments. The child follows their own desires and interests, asking questions and exploring for themselves. 

Parents observe their child to see what interests him or her. The parents then provide more opportunities for their child to learn about that interest by purchasing toys, games, books, movies, cartoons, documentaries and more. They may also incorporate life experiences that are related to the topic and visit places that will further develop that interest. Observing their child's changing interests, the parent repeats these ideas to cultivate natural learning.

For example, if the child is interested in dinosaurs, the parent may purchase dinosaur toys. They may also take the child to a dinosaur museum or to a historic dig site. They may have their child watch a documentary about dinosaurs. They may provide books about dinosaurs. They may also delve into learning about fossils.

Why might a parent choose the delight-directed (unschooling) approach to learning?

  • It encourages learning naturally, (no set schedule, curriculum, or assessment).

  • It encourages curiosity.

  • It encourages a love for learning.

  • It allows for spontaneity and impromptu changes in daily activities.

  • It feels like every day is a new adventure.

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