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Forest School Approach to Homeschooling

Forest School Approach to Homeschooling

The forest school approach to homeschooling is centered on inspiring children to learn through hands on experiences in natural settings (usually outdoors).

Usually, exploration and discovery are done with a group of children who interact with one another. One (or a few parents) who have been trained as forest school leaders, observe the children and mentor them, introducing new ways of exploring and interacting with the space while encouraging children to embrace challenges and take supervised risks. Leaders also help children make sense of the experiences they have through review and reflection as they discuss their thoughts and emotions. The objective of a forest school approach is to develop the whole child (holistic development): social, physical, intellectual, conversational, emotional, or spiritual. It cultivates livelihood skills, economics, health, and nutrition through regular sessions that encourage play, exploration, and supported risk taking.

Through natural outdoor play, all students, including special needs students, seem to thrive because interactions are natural. It encourages natural conversation and neurological connections through immersive learning.

Why might a parent choose to have their child learn through a forest school approach?

  •  Cultivates imagination.

  • Helps children understand and interact with nature.

  •  Child-led Learning

  • Improves resilience, empathy, and self-esteem.

  •  Improves physical wellbeing, social skills, and increases motor development.

  •  Maximizes the benefits of spending time outdoors: fresh air, vitamin D, relaxation, peace, and joy.

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