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Classical Approach to Homeschooling

Classical Approach to Homeschooling

The Classical Approach to Homeschooling utilizes the idea of stages of learning. (Trivium)

The first stage to a classical method of education is the grammar stage.  Phonics, math, spelling, history literature, and grammar are learned by memorization.  Latin is introduced at this stage as well helping children make connections in their brain to help them better able to learn a foreign language. 


The second stage is mainly known as the middle school years and is more dialectic based.  The kids are encouraged to explore and ask “why” and are study /understand logical arguments.  The study of logic applies to writing assignments, history, science and more.  This stage of learning encourages analyzing, discussion, debate, dialogue, and reasoning.

The final stage of learning is known as the Rhetoric stage.  Children are encouraged and taught the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing and communicating their own thoughts and ideas.  This final stage is thought to be rigorous.  

*The foreign language, typically Latin, is taught throughout all three stages of learning.

What are some reasons a person may choose a classical approach to homeschooling?

  • The program is interrelated, productive, and effective in helping a person think and prep for college. 

  • Focuses on the idea of giving children tools to learn

  • Encourages reading and incorporating a good phonics curriculum

  • Arts, crafts, play, and exploration are viewed as important in children’s learning.

If you like the Classical approach to homeschooling, try Classical conversations, Memoria Press, Tapestry of Grace, Veritas Press, Well-Trained Mind and more.

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