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Unit Studies Approach to Homeschooling

Unit Studies Approach to Homeschooling

Unit Studies Approach to Homeschooling: Works basically around picking a central theme or topic and studying all aspects of that theme in each subject. Often several subjects are taught together using the chosen topic. 

A family who uses the unite studies approach will utilize a range of learning activities, supplies, and sources. For example, your child may like to study snails. You can find a snail and look at it under a microscope, your child can study its habitat. Your child can watch a documentary or movie about snails. You can have your child write a short story or create a clay snail.

Another example would be learning about kings and queens.  You can incorporate the study of castles, make cardboard swords and other medieval props, take a field trip to a medieval festival, and incorporate a strategic game such as chess. 

Unit studies can be short studies or longer studies of 12 weeks or more.  

Some parents put together their own unit studies while others purchase small unit studies, follow curriculum guides, or purchase a unit-study-based curriculum package. (Unit study packages often rotate through a specific timeline that repeats every three to seven years, so the student studies the topic at an introductory level and then deeper as they mature)

If you decide to create your own unit study:

  • Start with an outline of topics of interest.  (Break down the topic into subtopics too!)

  • Check out your local library for topic-related books and research topics online.

  • Create a daily or weekly plan of study and chart the time you want to study that topic. 

  • Using your outline, list activities, assignments, and discussions.

  • Revise your plan as needed.


What are some reasons a person may choose unit studies approach to homeschooling?

  • You can focus studies more on your child's interests if desired.

  • You can easily adapt to challenges or learning preferences such as experiences, hands on, or book studies.

  • You can plan to study seasons or current events.

  • You can teach subjects to a broad range of ages and grades (saving money and time).

  • You can cover a several different subjects while focusing on a particular topic.

  • You can use a unit study for a specific subject, during a holiday season, or all year.

  • You can implement a unit study at any point during your study plan, encouraging togetherness and interesting memories.


If you like the Unit Studies method of learning, try Weaver unit studies, Five in a Row, Heart of Dakota, Konos, My Fathers World, Moving Beyond the Page, research unit studies and templates on Pinterest, and more.

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