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Homeschooling is an Investment

Challenging days can cause you to worry if your efforts will be ineffective, bringing you to question whether homeschooling is worth your time, resources, energy, and emotions. However, when you view homeschooling as a long-term investment, you begin to focus on all the benefits and blessings you will enjoy throughout the process.

One of the benefits of your investment in homeschooling is the increased amount of time you spend with your child. This time gives you great opportunity to address any of your child’s feelings or insecurities. You can more easily identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to create a personalized plan for his education. And you can address matters inside your child’s heart as you correct any misbehavior.

Your homeschooling investment is as instrumental in ministering to your child’s heart, building his character, and growing his faith as it is in advancing his knowledge and abilities. As you continually invest in your child, you will cultivate numerous virtuous qualities, preparing him for a life of service throughout his personal and professional life. When you invest in your child, you are not only impacting your child’s life, but also the lives of every person he will influence throughout his years to come. Your investment will impact people you will never meet, yielding an immeasurable and priceless return. It is worth every effort!

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