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Waldorf Approach to Homeschooling

Waldorf Approach to Homeschooling

Waldorf Approach to Homeschooling:  Utilizing the principles created by Rudolf Steiner basing the idea that there is a spiritual dimension to humans and all life.  They are non-secretarian and non-denominational.

Utilizing the Waldorf method of education, the early education focus is based on basic children development, unstructured creative play, fine and gross motor skills, language skills, and social interaction rather than typical academics. 

  • Each age is based on different developmental stages of the child. 

  • Younger ages will incorporate story learning, activities like skipping, and songs. 

  • Reading is started in first grade with artistic movement, drawing, painting, and speech.

  • Art is incorporated into all teaching through music, movement, and other forms of artistic expression.

  • The focus encourages imagination in the middle years.

  • It switches focus to development of thinking in high school with 4 years of math, science, history, English, language, and art.  Incorporating rigorous academic work and explaining how you can apply it to the world.  

  • It incorporates pen and paper learning, encouraging thinking and creativity, saving technology for later years.

What are some reasons a person may choose to apply the Waldorf method to education?

  • It encourages imagination and curiosity.

  • It encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration.

If you like the Waldorf Method of learning, try Christopherus Homeschool Resources, Earthschooling, Live Education!, Math by Hand, or Waldorf Essentials.

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